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      — “Someone give me a chocolate-covered banana and you’ll win my heart!”

                 ”Aren’t you making it too easy for someone to steal your heart, Yukari?”

knaivus: I want the (a)K(ira)

16. Eaten slowly

He stepped on her foot roughly, the noise of a crack like music to his ears. He seemed to have broken a bone, however, he didn’t feel at all terrible for it. She deserved a broken bone for trying to sleep in the process of getting her punishment.

"You better not fall asleep, Yukari. We haven’t even gotten to the good part! I’m going to eat you alive, slowly and while you scream, beg and cry for me to stop I’ll cut off you’re eyelids, so you’ll be forced to continue watching!"

He re-positioned her in front of the mirror, kneeling behind her so that her limp body had some support. He slowly rolls up her right sleeve as if to give her time to prepare herself for the pain that was soon going to proceed. He bit into her bare shoulder, feeling the other’s body jolt against his.

Feeling renewed with a now profound feeling of vigor he continued to bite at her shoulder in till the skin broke and he was able to tear it off.

"This is your punishment for being a naughty girl, Yukari.. Struggle some more for me will you?"

Another bite after another, the more fun it was eating her alive because the farther he got to bone the more she struggled and screamed. Delight was what he felt for her cries for him to stop, for her screams for mercy. Something like this he could never imagine Yukari actually doing, but now he didn’t need to imagine.

All he needed to do was live in reality. 


ribenjiis: ..i want the k (gross)

11: Bone Breaking

Tracking her done wasn’t an easy task, but he had found her. Miho Sonoda, the assistant president of an entirely different high school. Yet she still had a special connection to Yukari and was getting in the way of him taking her all for himself. 

His steps lightly followed her through the school. It was now empty, but it seemed she still had some left over work to do. He was like a silhouette following the body it was forever connected to. Expect this was a body that would soon be rid of for good.

His gaze simply watched as the other suddenly turned around, finally seeming to acknowledge his presence.

How foolish…


He made his move, sprinting towards the female and giving a sharp hit of his elbow into her solar plexus. A feeling of joy spread through him watching the other struggle to catch her breath. She would pay with her life for attempting to get in his way.

"Having fun.. Miho?"

A sudden stomp made its way onto her wrist. 


"Oh, dear. It seems I’ve broken a bone.. How about I break some more?" 

                                        Crack…                                                                                               Crack…                                                                                                 Crack… 

Kicks and stomps were landed on her hands in till he heard the satisfying cracking sounds of her finger and palm bones.

"I’d leave you with even more broken body parts but.. I think I’ve wasted enough of my time on you. It’s time to end your life."

A final stomp was landed on one of the most vital body parts, her neck. He kept his foot heavily pressed into her neck in till he knew she was no longer breathing and all the bones were crushed.

"Goodbye, Miho Sonoda."

Send me ‘I want the K’ and I’ll generate a number…

1: Kicked off a building
2: Face stab
3: Left for dead
4: Amputation
5: Eyes gauged out
6: Lethal Injection 
7: Strangled
8: Burned to death
9: Abacination
10: Oxygen Deprivation 
11: Bone Breaking
12: Drowning
13: Implement (any body part)
14: Mental torture
15: Tooth Extraction

ribenjiis: can you and wakabayashi kill each other off

✘ ; “Huh? Wakabayashi?” 


"I’m afraid I have no idea who you’re talking about!"

He preferred not to make a comment about the ‘killing each other off’ part.

Non-else a person got in his way, there was no way he would just attempt to murder someone.

Although it was tempting, he’d still have to decline to it. He had a reputation to keep up after all.

Opening his mouth he was about to mention he had no idea who the other female in front of him was either, but upon further examination he recognized the bespectacled ginger.

Flash backs to the moment where he had stalked Yukari came into his mind. The two were looking for bodies they had buried. What a naughty deed.

He had learned so much about Yukari in those few moments though, so he let the fact that the other girl was a murderer just as his precious Yukari was slip.

He wasn’t about to snitch or get himself into a mess which would later blow up in his face.

"Ah, I believe I have to get home for dinner now. Farewell!"

knaivus: wtf that was for my girlfriend not to you. bye.

✘ ; No disappointment ran through him at her cold hearted words. Instead he felt quite vigorous knowing that Yukari hadn’t changed at all. 

Oh, how he loved a girl who resisted him. Suddenly he reread Yukari’s words that were scripted across the brightly lit screen. Girlfriend..?

Was this some kind of joke? A prank? A lie? She had to be deceiving him, right?

There was no way someone could stand in the way of him getting Yukari all to himself.

It seemed he would now have to find out who this person was and get rid of them once and for all.

Once that objective was complete he could surely make a move on Yukari, perhaps even trick her into trying to save her so called “girlfriend”. 


✉ ; 2:35 06.30.14

Sender; Akira Tobitaka 

Recipient; Yukari Minamida

Ah, I didn't know you were in a relationship, Yukari! 
What's your girlfriend's name?
Does she go to our school? 
knaivus: lets go home together ❤❤❤❤

✘ ; Was he hallucinating or were the words on his phone screen real?

Could he call this peculiar behavior? For Yukari, it definitely could be considered just that.

But why was there any need to make such a fuss over this text. Perhaps Yukari had finally come to her senses and was captivated by his charm. 


Almost as if automatically, he replied: 

✉ ; 2:30 06.30.14

Sender; Akira Tobitaka 

Recipient; Yukari Minamida

     Ah, Minamida! I never thought you would ask. 
Meet me outside the school as soon as possible.